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Who are we


BLS is geared towards active men and women pursuing a healthy mind, body, and soul lifestyle. Our customers value high quality, comfort, and have a passion for learning and growing through life experiences and adventure. BLS believes our luxury sportswear provides a stylish – functional - high quality product that engulfs your body in comfort so your mind can be free to focus on the unique intricacies that unite us globally. This clothing line is comfortable enough to travel abroad and hit the ground running when you reach your destination. BLS strives to be environmentally sensitive and provide life-changing job opportunities by integrating social impact and economic empowerment in all business aspects, including the use of recycled products. A percentage of our products will be manufactured by women entrepreneurs in South Africa as well as in the U.S. always utilizing high-quality materials.

Bakari was an avid traveler who visited more than 10 countries. In honor of Bakari and his passion for people of all cultures, BLS, a cause brand, will donate a portion of each sale to The Bakari Foundation, a non-profit, which was established to provide all-expense paid transformative, healing travel experiences for families who have lost loved ones at the hands of another. This act of giving back also gives our customers a sense of pride knowing they are doing their part to help others.

With our innovative approach to living life fully and fearlessly, we are not simply selling a product; instead, we will work in partnership with our customers and ambassadors to promote global unity, and live life according to Bakari’s key life principles of ‘Health and Happiness.’ BLS will offer a lifestyle series subscription for each first-time customer that will include special discounts and on-line videos showing customers living their best lives while wearing BLS attire.

Through our personal experience of losing Bakari through a senseless act of hatred, we have used travel to help take our minds off the pain and enjoy some of life’s pleasures. Travel allowed us to be physically active, and experience geographic and cultural differences which were paramount in our pursuit to Live Life Fearlessly according to Bakari’s key life principles. We believe that blending his comfortable luxury clothing, social impact and travel creates a powerful market synergy and the perfect way to continue his legacy.